The Swisher County Archives & Museum maintains collections of ranch and farm artifacts. Come have the opportunity to walk through a house preserved in time — the museum features a five-room house rebuilt inside the main exhibit hall, which is furnished with vintage furniture and pieces from the early 1900s. See a replica of the famed J.O. Bass Blacksmith Shop also located in main exhibit hall. This exhibit features the original Bass’ tools and equipment. Other displays include military artifacts, needle art, Santa Fe Railroad and Native American artifacts, as well as exhibits featuring Quanah Parker and Col. Ronald Mackenzie.

Written, oral and video histories of the county are maintained at the museum. You can hear these and also view an outstanding photographic history of early life in the area on display at the museum, and often changing throughout the year.

There is also an extensive set of outdoor exhibits, which include the 1917 Jowell House, (including its outhouse) furnished with 1930s artifacts. And an exterior view of the original Happy Rail Depo.

J. O. Bass Blacksmith Shop A replica of the blacksmith shop of J. O. Bass (1879-1950) is housed inside the museum.  All of the tools inside this replica were the tools used by Mr. Bass.  Spurs made by Bass have a distinctive style that continued until he laid his tools down in 1924.  Mr. Bass kept a ledger of his various designs which corresponded with his catalog numbers.  J. O. Bass spurs are highly sought after by collectors.  Today, spurs that originally Sold for about $7.00 now bring a minimum of $7,000 in auctions all over the Southwest.  A collection of his spurs is also on exhibit inside the museum.