Learn about the artists displayed at our Museum.


“It’s strictly a gift from God,” is Dr. Wyatt’s own explanation for his talent with brush and paint. “It’s this way– some people hear music in their souls and, in inspiration, they write it down. As for me, I see paintings in my soul, and I just push the paint around until it looks like what I see inside.”

Kenneth Wyatt has been pushing paint for the past forty years. To say it emphatically, he has painted over 8,000 paintings. His talent in art was always evident. His drawing and sketching go back to his youth with doodles of horses and other animals which adorned the borders of his school homework papers. He does not believe that the drawings helped his grades any, “But, at least the teachers didn’t insist that I stop decorating my reports with them!”

Kenneth’s paintings are for everyone. They are in offices, homes, and museums; among collections of farmers, queens, bankers, movie stars, clergy and almost every other occupation known. His religious paintings hang in churches of all denominations and in more than ninety countries.


Watercolor is Jill Wyatt Marshall’s favorite medium and her passion for accuracy and detail is accomplished by using a tight, realistic style. Jill has the ability to make the personalities of her models come alive in her paintings…with a slight tilt of the head…an adoring look…a swinging ponytail. She personally photographs her subjects; therefore her home and studio are filled with hug-worn teddy bears, rusty minner buckets, vintage clothes, hats, quilts and other treasures.

Jill began painting in 1995, but has always had an artistic spirit and a unique flair. Throughout her life, she has written poetry and music, played a number of musical instruments, sung in many different settings, has been Master of Ceremonies and speaker for numerous civic events and public organizations, and has owned and operated two gift stores and two art galleries. One of Jill’s paintings, “THE MULLIGAN”, was selected by PGA Tour player, Ryan Palmer, as the official logo for the Ryan Palmer Foundation. Jill was also commissioned to create a mirror-mosaic, life-size Quarter-horse mare and colt, now displayed at the Women’s Healthcare Associates building in Amarillo. She currently owns “IMA FUSSBUDGET” (an antique/gift/decorating business), and also co-owns “TWO’S COMPANY”, an estate liquidation service, with her dear friend, Debora Webb.


Jake Marshall is the newest artist (3rd generation) in the Wyatt family of artists. Jake is the grandson of artist Kenneth Wyatt and artist Veda Wyatt and he is the son of artist Jill Wyatt – Marshall. He began his art career in 2007 and is still studying daily under his internationally acclaimed artist/grandfather, Kenneth Wyatt.

Jake’s art is grounded in his unique and rare, life-long exposure to the art world. He attended his first art show at 3 months old, and has been immersed in the world of art ever since! Jake was raised in and around the Wyatt galleries-studios his entire life and has learned every aspect of the family business from sweeping floors to building frames to pouring bronze!

Jake’s experience living in such a unique lifestyle full of artists, art galleries, travel, cowboys, and working ranches has inspired him to paint and sculpt “cowboy art”. He has also developed a great ability to capture the beauty of bluebonnets in the Hill Country of Texas. Currently, Jake works with acrylics and bronze sculpture, his work is highly sought after and is a valuable asset to any art collector.